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Niue is a tiny, embeddable stack language having features like concatenative, Object Oriented, functional or code as data and data as code.

wForth: A JavaScript Forth Interpreter

wForth is a JavaScript based Forth interpreter. It supports new Forth word creation, standard math operators on integer types only, parameter stack manipulation, infinite loops, do loops, pass data to and from the parameter stack to the return stack,  conditionals (if. then.else). as another example, wForth can interact with others aspects of the browser or to hook into Ajax calls to interact with servers.


From munci’s homepage: Munci (pronounced “Monkey”) is an interactive macro-interpreted-compiling language inspired by Forth. As in Forth, functions written in Monkey can examine source code. Unlike Forth, Munci uses a generalized version of the Java tokenizer for input, so Munci programs can easily parse Java-esque code.

Misty Beach Forth

Misty Beach Forth is an implementation of the Forth programming language written in Java. Because it is written in Java, the Misty Beach Forth interpreter can be embedded in a WWW HTML page and launched as an applet.


myForth is a basic Forth interpreter written in Java. Forth programs can be read from Java Applet parameters.

A Forth interpreter

A Forth interpreter implemented in Java

Delta Forth

Delta Forth is a new Forth dialect and is intended to bring the Forth programming language to the Java world. Unlike Forth, DELTA Forth is a compiled language. This means that the source code is turned into a special format that is used to execute the program.

FIJI ForthIsh Java Interpreter

FIJI ForthIsh Java Interpreter, is written in Java and comes with full GPL’ed source. Running either at a command line or in an AWT window, FIJI accepts a syntax akin to the Forth programming language and uses a reference stack to push and pop all params to its functions. You can create Java objects and call methods on them from the FIJI stack. FIJI is very preliminary, quite incomplete and will be changing all the time. But such as it is, it works and has been tested on Linux Blackdown JVM 1.1.7a, VM/ESA JVM 1.1.4, and Windows/Sun JVM 1.1.7a.

Befunge Interpreter

Ok, call it obscure… At we learn that “Befunge is believed to be the first two-dimensional, ASCII-based, general-purpose (in the sense of “you could plausibly write Hunt the Wumpus in it” [1]) programming language. Its form was influenced in part by the multimedia scripting application AmigaVision, and in part by Forth.” Here is the interpreter for it.

Cat: a postfix language

A JavaScript implementation of the Cat programming language. Cat is a postfix language, this means that arithmetic operations are written so that operators follow their operands.