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Ateji PX

Ateji PX is an extension of Java for parallel programs. It adds a || operator for statement and data parallelism and ! and ? operators for message passing. It is implemented as an Eclipse plugin that precompiles the code.


SubJava is a pretranslator which enable one to use the following possibilities: operator overloading, functions, global constants and variables, implicit data type transformation.


The extensible Java pre-processor EPP is an extensible Java source-to-source pre-processor which can introduce new language features. The user can specify “EPP plug-ins” at the top of Java source code in order to incorporate various extension of Java. Emitted source codes can be compiled by ordinary Java compilers, can be debugged by ordinary Java debuggers. Plug-ins can extend the syntax of Java by extending the recursive descend parser in a differential manner. EPP can also be used as an application framework of source code manipulation tools such as source level optimizer, metrics tools, obfuscating tools.


iContract2 is a revival of Reliable System’s iContract project, which is a “Design by Contract” tool for Java. iContract2 is a preprocessor/code-generator for Java. To use it, you first add some iContract tags into the javadoc sections of your Java source code (similar to xdoclet or JDK1.5 annotations), then process your source code with iContract2, producing a set of instrumented Java source files. Then you compile the instrumented Java source code with the Java compiler.


Tom is a pattern matching compiler. It is particularly well-suited for programming transformations on trees/terms or XML documents. Tom can be used to develop transformation tools such as compilers: The Tom compiler is written in Tom itself.

The Java Syntactic Extender

The Java Syntactic Extender is an extension to the Java language that allows Java programmers to define new syntactic constructs. The design is based on the Dylan macro system (e.g., rule-based pattern matching and hygiene), but exploits Java’s compilation model to offer a full procedural macro engine. In other words, syntax expanders may be implemented in, and so use all the facilities of, the full Java language.

Simple Java preprocessor

A Simple Java preprocessor with some commands.


The Infiqs freeware macro-expander is a very-old-style operator-precedence compiler for assignment statements. It is meant to help programmers writing Java programs that use the BigDecimal class. It allows them to use infix operators for the arithmetic of BigDecimal.


Java++ is a Java+ preprocessor that supports multi-line strings with executable inclusions in Java+ as in Perl, Ruby, and Python.


PrintMacroJ is a small macro-expanding preprocessor for Java programs. The macros included are for: easier print statements, deleting underscore separators in number fields, doubling of backslashes in regular expressions, and simulation of first-class functions. The user can easily add more macros by just adding a few Java statements to the preprocessor. The downloadable zip file includes some examples of the use of the macros. These examples are from numerical analysis and probability.